Subaru notebook

Owning Subaru notebook, Vinh Thinh is one of top notebook producers in Vietnam. It contributes to build the future of millions of children and youths. This is our pride, and furthermore we are responsible for countinuos study and improve our product quality. We always put the learning and health of the children on priority, and pay attention on the smallest details in product:

  • We do not use reflective to increase sense of whiteness, which can cause dazzle and negatively impact vision users.
  • Papers have relative smooth level, not too smooth to avoid the decreasing of ink-adsorbing level of paper, which significantly affect the student’s handwriting.
  • We guarantee our papers have relative thickness level, to avoid smudge and ink absorption between each page.
  • Line on paper is designed following the stardard of education ministry to help protect our children eyes under electronic light.
  • The cover of notebook has guideline showing the right position to write, in order to protect children health according to health guide school.

Moreover, we have invested in developing new designs for notebook, which are suitable for trends and hobby of children and youth.